About Pushcat

Hey, who's that purple cat?

Help Pushcat dig, push and mine his way through five worlds in his quest for sweet, sweet silver. Along the way he’ll get chased by angry ghosts, explore caverns full of treacherous traps and even cultivate rockslime - gross!

Pushcat features...

  • Chaotic, fun, fast-paced arcade gameplay
  • Over 60 procedurally generated levels
  • Delightful pixel art from Army of Trolls
  • A retro ragtime soundtrack
  • Colour-blind friendly
  • DRM free

For more info, have a look at the press kit.

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"The chiptunes Mussorgsky is, additionally, completely rad in a classical music nerd way."

Kill Screen Daily

"... an excellent new puzzle game ... play it hard because it’s quietly spectacular."

Hookshot Inc.

"The best indie games usually take a simple mechanic and 'juice' it so that it endures the entirety of the game ... Pushcat embodies this design philosophy entirely."


"Pushcat ist die beste Katze der Welt."